VTI Specialized is a 24/7 logistics company. Our highly skilled team of experienced logistics professionals gives us the ability to customize a transportation solution to your needs.  VTI specialized has access to over 20,000 trucks and LTL partners. These partners along with the United States, Canada, and Mexico. VTI will dispatch and track EVERY shipment, ensuring on-time and damage-free delivery. Call VTI to begin working with your one stop shop resource, to manage all of your transportation needs. VTI will get your products where they need to be... when... they need to be.

Our Expertise

VTI is your "Single Source Call"

Exceptional service begins with professionals that fully understand the many challenges in today's transportation marketplace. Our reputation and continuous strive for excellence to our customers makes us a leader in the industry with that "personal touch". Whether here or abroad, VTI is your "Single Source Call" to your specific transportation needs.